CFDP Goes Virtual

With doing our parts in staying at home, we have also committed to provide our members with the opportunity to continue to stay fit at home as CrossFit Des Plaines has gone VIRTUAL! Over the last two weeks, our coaches have been working to keep the spirit of health and wellness alive within the homes […]

Lessons from a CrossFit Des Plaines Coach

Three years back, I was preparing myself to leave the 6th grade classroom after four years of teaching and four years of training and eventually, coaching CrossFIt. It was a crossroads–for me–for where I wanted to go, and since that leap of faith, I haven’t turned back since. A lot has changed since I first […]

CrossFit is Training for Your Best Life

Most people think CrossFit is all about lifting big, moving fast & getting “as many reps as possible” but it may have been the sport and competition of CrossFit training that led people to believe this. CrossFit training in its traditional form is: training constantly varied FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT at high intensity. It’s also constantly varied: […]

Benefits of the Beginners’ Just Move 6-week Program

If you’re thinking about a new workout routine that needs to get you back in shape, building strength, toning up and shredding some body fat going into the new year, our Just Move 6-week program is a great fit to get you started. Like the name of the program, it’s a great way to simply […]

It’s OPEN SEASON #CrossFit

“CrossFit is SO MUCH FUN!…” says hardly anyone ever… until the CrossFit Open begins! It’s that time of year where we as a community come together as a whole community, and even in teams within our community (read on) to have a few good ol’ fashion throwdowns and a room full of team spirit. You […]

The Athlete Lifecycle at CrossFit Des Plaines

Everyone comes from their own background and experience, when it comes to their fitness. Once you’re here with us, we try to take your fitness to new, challenging and exciting levels. While at first, you might be new, at CrossFit Des Plaines, you soon become an athlete. Here’s a peek into the journey as an […]

When can my child start CrossFit?

Many parents might wonder “When can my child start CrossFit?” CrossFit training is designed to be able to incorporate functional fitness and improve health for kids as young as Pre-K. Throughout the developmental stages of a child’s life, classes for different age groups will look differently! At the Pre-K level, classes will most likely be […]

8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started CrossFit

I’ve been doing CrossFit for a little over 5 years now, coaching CrossFit part-time for four, and full-time coaching between CrossFit, CrossFit Kids and nutrition for a little over a year and a half now. Through my years of CrossFit training and coaching others, there are so many pieces of advice that I wish someone […]

The Power of Community

Everyone has their reason for why they choose to be a part of a CrossFit gym. Some might join for the convenience of a one hour fitness class nearby, while others hear might hear from a friend. CrossFit Des Plaines has been fortunate enough to foster a tight-knit community in less than one year of […]

The Value of Your CrossFit Membership

Yes, the cost of your membership at a CrossFit box will be higher than your average globo gym down the street. Depending on the area of your gym, monthly memberships can range anywhere from $150 to upwards of $200 per month. So let’s break down the value of that membership; what are you truly getting […]


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