If you’re thinking about a new workout routine that needs to get you back in shape, building strength, toning up and shredding some body fat going into the new year, our Just Move 6-week program is a great fit to get you started. Like the name of the program, it’s a great way to simply just move and kickstart a year of better health as soon as January 6th.

This program incorporates an initial InBody assessment where a coach will take your beginning body composition measurements (weight, muscle mass, body fat mass). You will also be coached through 6 weeks of fitness classes: 3x/week. Your personalized nutritional plan will also be given to you within the first week of the program.

What are some of the benefits of partaking in a 6-week introductory program?

Reduced injury rate. Among the general CrossFit members, the most common pain and/or injury-prone area was the shoulder, from lack of strength in gymnastics movements or lack of mobility, or the lower back from lifting movements, due to a lack of core strength/activation through heavier loads. By having a coach introduce you through the different progressions of these types of movements in a more controlled setting, injury rates among these areas can be much lower when transitioning to the standard CrossFit classes.

The exposure to the social aspect of the CrossFit community. Unlike many other traditional gyms, the Just Move program begins to build a small community of like-minded and goal-driven athletes. With your coach’s guidance, the structure and flow of the class, and even some of the activities and conversations that are shared, create an experience that keeps you wanting to come back.

Teaching and learning the modifications. Unlike what you might see on ESPN 3 with the CrossFit Games, CrossFit training itself is not created solely for the elite athletes. The majority of all CrossFit members all across the world are just the everyday professional, parent or former athletes just trying to be fitter and healthier each day. Therefore, learning modifications for any previous or current injuries can be done during these first 6 weeks to keep athletes progressing from their unique individual starting points when joining the program. Modifications also can be applied to the intensity level of a workout with factors to modify such as: speed, load, time, or repetitions.

Honing in on the nutrition basics. With your personalized nutritional plan and coach guidance to making better food choices throughout the 6 weeks will significantly increase your results with your personal goals. Whether you are someone looking to lose weight, or someone who is looking to add more lean muscle mass, nutritional intake is 80% of the equation when it comes to making changes to your body. Being able to access your coach and ask her questions about your nutritional plan and any modifications to it will set you up for success!

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