Yes, the cost of your membership at a CrossFit box will be higher than your average globo gym down the street. Depending on the area of your gym, monthly memberships can range anywhere from $150 to upwards of $200 per month. So let’s break down the value of that membership; what are you truly getting out of it?

A person who attends at least 4 classes per week, with any given month having an average of 4 weeks, just from a financial standpoint alone, each structured, coach-led class, comes down to $9.37-$12.50. For a planned out exercise program, a qualified coach to teach you through the program, and a facility with readily available exercise equipment, that is a bargain!

While there are typically set class times and that may limit the opportunity for your workout times in comparison to a 24 hour gym, most gyms offer classes in the early morning, and in the evening! The one hour class typically incorporates strength training and a conditioning segment known as the “Workout of the Day” so that you are certainly working your entire body for the hour you spend in class! Incorporating some intense, physical activity is necessary for the body to adapt to some positive changes such as the growth of lean muscle, or an increased aerobic capacity, just to name a couple. Think about it–you can get a lot more accomplished in your one hour class than you might spending twice that time trying to figure out how you will be a fitter version of yourself tomorrow, or three months from now.

This leads to the accountability that comes from your coaches and your community. It’s easy to just not show up at a place where nobody really knows you, let alone, knows what you are trying to accomplish with your health and fitness. At a CrossFit gym, your coaches start with a greeting and a welcome, and usually have some sort of chat about what you’re looking to achieve by coming to the gym. Your staff is not just a bunch of machines that tell you how many miles you’ve run, but they are human beings who will listen to you, learn to understand your obstacles when it comes to your health and fitness, and they will guide you through the process of making a change for the better. Then, best believe that when your coaches aren’t checking up on you, someone from your class might be sending you a message or asking your coaches where you’ve been!

There’s a reason why CrossFit communities are so tight knit, and it’s not because they’re “sworn into a cult!” It’s because the “box” is filled with like-minded individuals who are constantly chasing the next goal so that they can be a better person tomorrow. It’s true what’s said about the people you surround yourself with, and you can quickly find that out when you start to experience the value of your CrossFit membership.

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