Get Out! Benefits of Being Outdoors

If you haven’t already felt somewhat cooped up, it’s a great time to get outdoors (with precautions!) with the weather getting warmer, and for many of us, another month of doing our due diligence of staying home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends about 93% of their life indoors (87% inside, […]

Top 10 Tips for Staying Healthy During COVID-19

Wow, has it really almost been an entire month since we’ve last seen many of your smiling faces!? Regardless, we are glad to continue seeing you at the virtual workouts, posting on social media about your fitness challenges and goals, and crushing it, even outside of the box! SO with that, we wanted to share […]

CFDP Goes Virtual

With doing our parts in staying at home, we have also committed to provide our members with the opportunity to continue to stay fit at home as CrossFit Des Plaines has gone VIRTUAL! Over the last two weeks, our coaches have been working to keep the spirit of health and wellness alive within the homes […]

Supporting a Strong Immune System

During a hectic time of a pandemic outbreak, where schools, businesses and even whole cities are beginning to close their doors in attempts to isolate, there are measures we can take everyday in order to help support a strong immune system. The body’s immune system is a intricate system that helps defend our bodies from […]

Lessons from a CrossFit Des Plaines Coach

Three years back, I was preparing myself to leave the 6th grade classroom after four years of teaching and four years of training and eventually, coaching CrossFIt. It was a crossroads–for me–for where I wanted to go, and since that leap of faith, I haven’t turned back since. A lot has changed since I first […]

Sleep is for the ATHLETE

Going to CrossFit classes several times a week can certainly start to take a toll on your body, as exercise, although a positive stressor, does cause distress to our muscles, tissues and even our nervous system. That’s why it’s important for us athletes especially, to get adequate sleep at night, as restful, deep sleep, is […]

CrossFit is Training for Your Best Life

Most people think CrossFit is all about lifting big, moving fast & getting “as many reps as possible” but it may have been the sport and competition of CrossFit training that led people to believe this. CrossFit training in its traditional form is: training constantly varied FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT at high intensity. It’s also constantly varied: […]

Benefits of Group Training

Ever felt that feeling like you are dragging yourself to the gym? It can sometimes be a chore if we’re just starting out, or haven’t been regularly exercising independently for some time. Fortunately, there are many benefits to group training, just like we offer at CrossFit Des Plaines. First off, there is a social phenomenon […]

How many days a week should I exercise?

One of the most common questions we get from our newer members is how many days a week should I exercise? The answer is not straight-forward, as it can vary for each individual based on: the type/intensity of exercise, their current fitness level, nutritional regimen, and ability to rest and recover from performed exercise. Also, […]

Staying on Track Through the Holidays

With Halloween approaching next week, the domino-effect mindset of holiday season challenges us to stay on track with our fitness and nutrition as we dive into the darker, colder months of the year. For many people who already follow a regularly fit lifestyle–exercise regularly several times a week, eat minimally-processed, whole foods, hydrate and sleep […]


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