Wow, has it really almost been an entire month since we’ve last seen many of your smiling faces!?

Regardless, we are glad to continue seeing you at the virtual workouts, posting on social media about your fitness challenges and goals, and crushing it, even outside of the box!

SO with that, we wanted to share the TOP 10 tips for staying healthy at HOME during COVID-19, based on what our coaches have observed through our 28-day Vitality Challenge, our virtual hangouts with you all, and from our own noggins too.

#10: Keep to a routine. Plan your daily schedule to achieve the tasks you want to get done, but also to manage your time between personal, work, children/family and down time. Although it won’t always go as planned, having some structure will keep you focused day to day.

#9 Log your workouts. Tracking your data in a journal or in Wodify can help keep you on track with your fitness progress, and can also keep you accountable.

#8 Workout with a buddy. If it’s someone that lives with you, great! Get moving with them. If it’s someone who doesn’t, shoot them a virtual invite to workout with you. This allows you to bond over social interactions through a healthy habit, especially at a time when we are so limited!

#7 Manage stress. Acknowledge when you need some time to just breathe, or take an extra moment to de-stress. It’s a difficult time in many aspects of our lives, but managing stress can help keep your immune system up to par, and give you greater peace of mind.

#6 Get adequate sleep. Ah, one we just wish we got more of all the time when we were always moving, going and “ON” from one thing to the next. Take advantage of the time spent at home to sleep a bit more. Adequate sleep can also reduce inflammation in the body and heightened hunger or cravings.

#5 Move and move often! Get outside if you can, [while practicing social distancing] and try to move from just staying seated at your coach, desk or bed all day. Your body loves to move. So get to CrossFit virtual classes and get outside a couple times a day!

#4 Eat a balanced diet. Pretty straightforward: lean protein, plenty of veggies and fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, and minimize processed foods and refined sugars or carbohydrates. You want to eat food that will help you thrive, not just survive.

#3 Take meaningful rest breaks. This is not just for when you go to sleep at night, but also throughout the day. You need some periodic times away from the screen, or away from people, or “DOING” and simply just resting. These can just be a few minutes throughout the day to take for yourself, and your body and brain will thank you for it!

#2 Try a new activity. Whether this is a new skill you’re learning, an arts and crafts project with your kids, or simply finding out more about something that sparks your curiosity – trying new things will not only keep your brain sharp, but it can be quite fulfilling as well! Fill your cup through new experiences.

#1 Be mindful of your home. Home used to be the place where we mainly came home to rest, relax and recharge. Our homes are now our gyms, office spaces, and often times a place of growing and fostering relationships. Be mindful of that space and how to show up in different areas of your home so you can not only feel safe, but keep sane as well!

Phew, that was quite the list! Let us know what you think about these, and how you’re holding up with staying healthy during this time.

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