Ever felt that feeling like you are dragging yourself to the gym? It can sometimes be a chore if we’re just starting out, or haven’t been regularly exercising independently for some time. Fortunately, there are many benefits to group training, just like we offer at CrossFit Des Plaines.

First off, there is a social phenomenon that happens in group training. As we get older, and have less free time for ourselves, how often do we get to get out of the four walls of our home and gym to meet new people with similar interests? Attending a group training session gets you to socialize in a setting that is commonplace for people who are both goal-driven and happy to be around others, as they take a break from their home or work life.

Additionally, once you start acquainting yourself with others in the class, along with your coach, the motivation for attending your training sessions improves. Your coach will likely check in with you about your absences, and surely you don’t want to tell them you skipped because you “just didn’t feel like it” today or you chose to sit on the couch after work instead! Accountability measures in place such as others who care about your success keep motivation and commitment high so you won’t drop out as soon as the first month of the new year passes by.

In a group setting, you’ll also tend to work harder than you might by yourself. Imagine a workout that doesn’t seem that enjoyable to you, but you have others with you who are doing the work alongside you, or even cheering you on and encouraging you throughout. All of a sudden it doesn’t seem as bad as doing it all alone. Physically and mentally, there are both positive effects of having others in class with you to keep propelling you to the end.

Lastly, the diversity of the group creates a sense of belonging and further camaraderie. Although some group training classes might seem slightly “competitive” or a little intimidating, at the end of the day, everyone has their own story, their own reason for being there, and that’s the beauty of diversity in a group training environment. There’s no two people in the room that are same, but for this, we can also feel welcomed. No matter what your fitness experience may currently be, or what story you’ve come through the doors with, everyone is in that group to improve upon their health and fitness.

If you’re ready to get started with a Group Training Session at CrossFit Des Plaines, there is STILL time to apply for our 6-week Just Move Program geared towards BEGINNERS. Is this you? Apply now for our late start date, January 13th, if you missed out!

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