Keto. Low Carb. Atkins. You have probably heard of many of them before, and what’s similar about each one is they often promote the “cutting of carbs.” Why would we want to do that!? Each person may have their own reason for doing so, but let’s take a step back and understand the concept of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are a macronutrient found in our foods, which are divided up into two main categories: sugars and starches. Both types are absorbed and used up by the body as a source of energy to function. Sugar carbohydrates are often found in processed foods as sweeteners for flavor, but are also found in some natural foods such as fruit, rice, and milk. Starchy carbohydrates take a little bit longer to absorb because the body must first break them down from their longer molecular form, and then they are ready to be used up as energy. Often times starch carbohydrates are found in vegetables, root vegetables, and whole grain foods like rice, quinoa. Lentils and legumes are also considered starch carbohydrates.

So why would we want to cut out something that gives us energy??

Often times “cutting carbs” is an umbrella term that doesn’t typically explain what it means to strategically plan our nutritional intake, which will include carbohydrates, inevitably, in order to achieve the results we are looking for.

For someone who is looking to lose weight, decreasing their overall sugar intake, which is a form of carbohydrates, may lead to some immediate weight loss as a result of: less calorie intake overall (if not replaced by additional calories elsewhere in the diet), decreased inflammation, and less repeated cravings and indulgences, just to paint a broad overview.

For someone who is looking to possibly treat their “pre-diabetic” diagnosis, or even manage diabetes, monitoring and regulating their overall carbohydrate intake and type could help improve blood glucose level regulation.

Regardless of the reason for why you may consider monitoring, tracking, or decreasing your carbohydrate intake, try to understand your purpose for doing so. While many fad diets make this approach to nutrition very appealing, there may be a lot more for you to learn about yourself in alignment to your goals, your current health/wellness, your taste preferences and lifestyle! Diet and nutrition should not be a one-size-fits all model.

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Any medical concerns should be brought to the attention of a medical professional.

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