Typically, the answer is yes, however, there will be a variety of answers depending on each individual’s person’s preferences and daily schedule**.

For those who are working out bright and early, or first thing in the morning, having a piece of fruit, toast or liquid shake consisting of carbohydrates + protein may be the best option. It can be difficult stomaching a full meal at 5 AM, but try one of these options in order to get acclimated to fueling before the class. You’ll likely feel a difference in your energy levels throughout, since you have readily available energy to use from the small snack or workout shake.

For those who are working out in the later morning, try to have a balanced meal between healthy carbohydrates and lean protein 1-2.5 hours beforehand. This full meal will help get your day started with plenty of energy. This might include some egg + egg white scramble, vegetables and a 1/2 cup of oats with cinnamon and a handful of berries. Playing around with the time frame you need to eat and digest before your class workout may take a couple days to figure out.

Those who workout later in the evening, should probably try to have a snack that is also made up of lean protein and healthy carbohydrates before coming in for class. If not a full meal, then even something such as 2 hard boiled eggs and a medium-sized apple will help you overcome the mid-day slump and get ready to hit your workout hard! A liquid protein + carbohydrate shake could also be a good alternative if you’re looking to have something closer to the time of your workout (30-60 minutes before class). The Driven Nutrition Glycodrive OR Formula O2 + Driven Nutrition Vanilla Whey protein make a great combination.

One of the biggest reasons why an athlete may experience weakness, light-headedness or a lack of energy during their workout is likely due to not having adequate nutrition before their workout. Sometimes, it could also be a result of other life stressors, a lack of sleep or recovery, or a lack of proper hydration. So when you’re able to take control of having the best workouts each week so you can keep coming back for more, be sure to eat a small meal or snack before class!

Looking to learn more about how to build better eating habits? Schedule a free consultation with Coach Cheryl, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach.

**This article is not intended to be used as medical advice in any way, but rather, a general informant of nutrition habits for CrossFit athletes. For medical advice, please seek out a medical practitioner.**

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