Top 10 Tips for Staying Healthy During COVID-19

Wow, has it really almost been an entire month since we’ve last seen many of your smiling faces!? Regardless, we are glad to continue seeing you at the virtual workouts, posting on social media about your fitness challenges and goals, and crushing it, even outside of the box! SO with that, we wanted to share […]

CFDP Goes Virtual

With doing our parts in staying at home, we have also committed to provide our members with the opportunity to continue to stay fit at home as CrossFit Des Plaines has gone VIRTUAL! Over the last two weeks, our coaches have been working to keep the spirit of health and wellness alive within the homes […]

Supporting a Strong Immune System

During a hectic time of a pandemic outbreak, where schools, businesses and even whole cities are beginning to close their doors in attempts to isolate, there are measures we can take everyday in order to help support a strong immune system. The body’s immune system is a intricate system that helps defend our bodies from […]

Kitchen Inventory & Sweep!

It’s mid-January and we’re curious about how your New Year’s resolutions are going! If you committed yourself to going to the gym more often, are you still going? If you were committed to eating more fruits and vegetables this year, is your kitchen reflective of it? In this week’s blog, walk through a simple exercise […]

The Confusion on Caffeine: Benefits & Side Effects

One of America’s most widely used drugs? Caffeine. Yes, there is a drug in that cup of joe of yours. Drug, noun: “a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.” So let’s clear up some confusion; just because caffeine is a drug/substance, there are both […]

Staying on Track Through the Holidays

With Halloween approaching next week, the domino-effect mindset of holiday season challenges us to stay on track with our fitness and nutrition as we dive into the darker, colder months of the year. For many people who already follow a regularly fit lifestyle–exercise regularly several times a week, eat minimally-processed, whole foods, hydrate and sleep […]

Surviving a Toxic Relationship with Food

At that time, it seemed like it was certainly “just a phase” – restricting eating, over-exercising, eating in private, and even bingeing on food. Everyone does it, as I remember telling myself in my head as I found myself spending an hour on the treadmill after cheerleading practice those nights, and deliberately “forgetting” to skip […]

Should I fast? Benefits and Setbacks of Fasting

Fasting, particularly, intermittent fasting has become a very common fad for those who are looking for the next method or regimen to try for their health and fitness goals. The idea of it seems simple enough: restricting the time window in which one consumes calories so that they may potentially restrict the amount of total […]

Beyond the Calories and Macros: Bioactive Foods

In the modern American diet, we are often very fixated on numbers and quantities: calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats. Low-carb, high-protein, high-fat, low-fat. Gluten free, dairy free, zero calorie, zero sugar. Or better yet: “everything in moderation” which is often the phrase that puts a band-aid solution on some of our regularly poor to mediocre food […]

How Often Should I Weigh Myself?

How often are you currently stepping on the scale? What is your motive for doing so? At times, people tend to develop this sense of attachment to the scale weight number. Whether it’s because the number provides a measure for self-value, or maybe because seeing progress is limited by this one and only measure. So […]


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