5 Things to Know About the CrossFit Open

You’ve been hearing all the buzz–the CrossFit Open is right around the corner! Next Friday kicks off our first week of the CrossFit Open. Here’s the Top 5 things you’ll need to know: 1. It takes place at your gym. That’s right–you don’t have to travel, or plan to go anywhere but your gym to […]

It’s OPEN SEASON #CrossFit

“CrossFit is SO MUCH FUN!…” says hardly anyone ever… until the CrossFit Open begins! It’s that time of year where we as a community come together as a whole community, and even in teams within our community (read on) to have a few good ol’ fashion throwdowns and a room full of team spirit. You […]

Fighting the Good Fight: 2nd Annual Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser

This past Saturday at CrossFit Des Plaines, our community came together for the 2nd year in a row to fight the good fight against breast cancer. From those who participated in the in-house competition, to those who came to help judge the event, to the family and friends who came to support or donate to […]

The Power of Community

Everyone has their reason for why they choose to be a part of a CrossFit gym. Some might join for the convenience of a one hour fitness class nearby, while others hear might hear from a friend. CrossFit Des Plaines has been fortunate enough to foster a tight-knit community in less than one year of […]

From Hobby to Lifestyle – Written by Mary & Erick Guzman

Erick and I have been doing CrossFit for 3½ years. We absolutely love the CrossFit community in general and the CFDP community in particular! CrossFit provides us with the “complete package” fitness program – its variety, challenge, and benefits are unmatched by any other exercise program we’ve ever done, which keeps it interesting and keeps […]

Strength in Numbers

It’s not just the numbers on our back squat, 500 meter row or scale weight. There are other strengths we find in other numbers, and one of them is right here in our box: our members. Whether it’s in the committed, early birds at 5:30 AM with Coach Carl, consistent, tight-knit 4:30 AM class with […]

I Completed the CrossFit Open and now…

As we wrap up the 5-week long, worldwide CrossFit Open, we have seen such amazing growth within individuals as well as our community as a whole. For many of our members, this was their first CrossFit Open, and for others, it was a time to retest the fitness that they had once proved the year […]

Happy One Year Anniversary CFDP

Within the past year, we have witnessed numerous transformations–from the walls of our box, to the mindset of our athletes, as well as the continuously growing community bond–we could not be more thankful to share CrossFit Des Plaines with you all. A little over one year ago, our founding members, along with family and friends, […]

CFDP’s Intramural Open League

Last week, we shared why you should sign up for the CrossFit Open. Now that you’re all signed up, we have some exciting news for those participating: CrossFit Des Plaines will be hosting a Intramural CrossFit Open League! This Intramural League will allow us to experience the Open with a greater sense of teamwork, friendly […]

Group Fitness: More Beneficial than Intimidating

We all get stressed–from being overworked, or from our thousands of responsibilities–but it’s not news to us that exercise can be an outlet to overcome that. The added layer to this is working out with others can help improve perceived stress levels and overall well-being. (Not to mention, you get to say you have quite […]


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