As a CrossFit coach I have worked with several athletes of different experiences, abilities, goals and stories. I’ve taken several mental notes as I sit and listen to their stories, or hear their remarks in passing. I began to evaluate why it is I have personally stayed invested for almost four years, and while some have been right here with me doing the same, others have also “fallen off” or changed routes.

From my observations and conversations with athletes, here’s a recap of why they, or even we, those still grinding at the box 5-6 days a week, at times, “fall off”, lose motivation or simply just stop taking steps towards our goals:

*They may have fear of failure or inability. Sometimes this happens even before attempting the task or action.

*They may not have the tools or resources to make progress towards success. The internet is overloaded with information, and asking a coach may seem embarrassing or intimidating.

*They may not have the support from others (family, friends, partners). This can also present itself in a passive way (e.g., Person A asking “You actually go to the gym on weekends? Or Person B stating “Wow, I could never do what you do…”)

*They may want a *quick fix* solution, rather than forming or re-creating a lifestyle. Sometimes they may get frustrated if they do not see desired results in a short time. Perception of what is “successful” may be skewed; progress is overlooked and they are focusing only on the outcome.

*They may not value the long-term benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. They may be more driven by aesthetics or a number on the scale, rather than the bigger picture: improving health and fitness and avoiding illness or injury.

*They may not know their *purpose* behind actions and just go through the motions. After a while, the excitement of starting a new exercise or nutrition program dies down and we must rely on our underlying purpose and perseverance to allow us to continue to make progress. Otherwise, we go through the motions, in autopilot mode, lose sight of our purpose, and our actions lose value.

Everyone tends to go through it, but I’ve found that those who address their goals–long-term or short-term, take measures to create a lifestyle that values health and fitness, and find support in their loved ones and coaches typically find themselves constantly invested. When you start to feel like you may be falling off, don’t let a “short break” turn into a change of heart. Seek out what got you into the doors of where you are now in the first place. Thrive on that.

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