Here’s the thing about transformation that you might not have thought about:
*transformations begin with mindset change
*transformations are executed through discipline and repetition
*transformation can bring positivity and clarity

This is a recent post from Coach Cheryl’s personal page, and her experience with her own self-transformations over the years. Coach Cheryl has always enjoyed fitness and being active, and she currently coaches group CrossFit, leads CrossFit Kids classes at CFDP, and thoroughly enjoys teaching people how to eat to fuel for their personal goals and transformations. Through her evolution of physical transformation, she has also experienced a bigger-picture transformation through mindset change, and an overall change in lifestyle. Here’s what she has to share:

“I used to think health was largely correlated to body image and had little awareness of the physiological systems of the human body.. I did everything I could to try to achieve a body I could probably never have, with very little education and information on what I was doing to myself.

I used to crash diet, then “treat myself” and then go through self-destructive, endless cycles of inconsistent, impractical eating habits and exercise routines, which were both physically and emotionally traumatic.

When I started CrossFit in 2013, I then started to become interested in challenging myself and focusing in on overcoming certain physical feats such as running a set distance, or achieving just ONE single pull up.

I started eating MORE than just the leafy salads and chicken or eggs and green smoothies, and in fact, sought out guidance from a coach to help me repair my relationship with food, and that’s just the start…

It has taken a LONG time to learn about self-compassion and forgiveness for the flaws, mistakes, errors and “not there yet” mentalities I had fostered over years… and it’s still a work in progress.

In time, I prioritize my health and fitness with a greater purpose to serve than just LOOKING a certain way.. (so much so that I’ve made the leap to contribute my career to it!) but now, to be physically and mentally fit to serve others to be able to achieve that for themselves.

There is no greater reward than to be the best version of yourself—one you are proud of, and one you have worked to be—so that you can be of service, share knowledge and give kindness to others in that need.”

Looking to make a true transformation??
You can’t just expect it to happen in a just few months or sometimes even just one year.
Define your purpose. Live for it.

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