We are all attracted to quick results: we seek out a deal on a flash sale on a product we’ve been eyeing, or maybe we’re looking to feel more confident in our skin before our next vacation coming up next month. However, when we’re thinking about a transformation, a “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance”, as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary, we must keep in mind the commitment beyond the first 6-8 weeks to any change.

Anyone can commit to the first 2 weeks of something new that will yield them results. Most people can begin to establish habits after 4-6 weeks, but how do these people create long-lasting, life-changing change? Three things–action, consistency and adaptability–over a length of time.

Taking action. This doesn’t mean you have to completely overhaul your entire lifestyle in a matter of 1-2 weeks. This extreme type of action usually leads to a failed attempt at long-term change because of the lack of sustainability and consistency. Taking action means acting now, and not waiting until tomorrow. It means that you sign up for a fitness program that is going to keep you engaged and excited to be there. It means that you physically take your grocery list and shop for your ingredients to prepare healthy meals. Taking action means doing and not just wishing, wanting or worst of all: waiting.

Consistency. Now that we’re acting, we’ve got to do it consistently! Again, you’re not looking for 100% improvement in the course of a few weeks. Think about improving a habit you have built by just 1% improvement each day. You will have improved 365% by the end of the year (Keep in mind that progress and improvements are not linear in this sense, but you get the idea!) Consistency is king when creating lasting change.

Adaptability. As you begin to change your actions, habits and mindset, you must be able to adapt to circumstances that arise which are beyond our control. For example, your planned vacation may take place in the midst of your new 6-week workout program, but you may ask your coach about tips on how to eat healthy while abroad, or you might be able to adapt and incorporate long walks, and increase ways to get more active on vacation.

Beyond these three concepts, you must take action, be consistent and able to adapt over time. Two of our members who began with a 6-week challenge program, have both committed to over a year of membership with CrossFit Des Plaines, practicing healthy and mindful eating, as well as keeping in touch with their coaches to help guide them to further progress. Check out their transformations here:

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