Typically, we can gauge our individual health by our daily biomarkers such as how well we sleep, our energy levels throughout the day, how well we eat, how much we exercise, and even how often we may catch a cold or feel aches and pains. However, there is much more that meets the eye when it comes to our general health***.

CrossFit Inc., has outlined a continuum of “sickness, wellness and fitness” to help us understand that simply being “well” is just a halfway point between “sickness” and “fitness”. “Wellness” is kind of like when you see someone and ask, “Hey, how have you been?” and if they are in wellness they may reply with “I’ve been alright” or “Good, and you?” That’s just it: they’re alright or good, but there’s much more potential for being great or for living their best life.

Most people who are not exercising regularly, or eating mindfully with regards to their current lifestyle and state of health may be somewhere between sickness and wellness. The reality of our society is this: many people have sedentary jobs, work long hours, spend most of their time indoors, and typically have limited free time for balancing the remainder of their personal lives between family, friends, exercise, self-care and/or enjoyable hobbies.

Thus, daily habits tend to reflect the lives that people live. For example, how many people do you know that actually make it a point to sleep the recommended 8 hours per day? How many people at your workplace practice regular, self-care or exercise to alleviate stress at least 3x/week? Do you/your family eat mainly home-cooked, minimally processed meals, or do you order take out and heat up frozen meals often throughout the week? Without making much change to these daily, repeated habits, as we age, which direction on the continuum is a person most likely headed? Towards sickness.

The CrossFit Journal published a great article with regards to the sickness, wellness, fitness continuum, and how with certain “sickness” or circumstances, yes, medicine and medical treatment from medical professionals are a necessity. Furthermore, it explains how frequently occurred deaths–whether kinetic, toxic, genetic or microbic–can be somewhat prevented through the means of the habits and lifestyle we can shape and control. Despite your genetic conditions, or other circumstances, you can incorporate daily habits, physical exercise and proper nutrition to help us maintain wellness, and further, achieve a level of fitness. Where on the continuum will a greater quality of life be? Towards fitness.

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