We’ve all been there before: we’ve had to take a break and eventually make a return back to fitness. Even trainers, coaches, and the most elite athletes–encounter breaks in their regular fitness routine.

For some, making that return is fairly seamless, and they can dial it back in with the least amount of physical, mental or emotional resistance. However, for most, there’s usually some sort of barrier: the perceived lack of time, advising from a medical professional, the motivation or desire to restart, a lack of clarity for their goals, or maybe not realizing that their goals may have changed since they last took a break.

For whatever reason it may be difficult to get started again, here are 3 ways to take the plunge back into your health and fitness goals. Be mindful that everyone is a little bit different in their mindset and approach. Some of these strategies may resonate with you, while others do not. You know yourself best!

Set a short-term goal to get started right away. Even though it might seem seasonal or superficial, such as a “new year’s resolution”, maybe your short-term goal would be to feel confident and “ready” for this year’s group spring break trip. Or maybe it’s more of a process goal such as completing a workout three times a week for the next month. Keeping your eyes on the short-term can make it less intimidating to simply start taking action.

Challenge a friend or a few for accountability. One of the key aspects to achievement is being held accountable. This can be a group of buddies at work or maybe a community on a social network. Whether you challenge your friend to similar short-term goals, or simply set your own goals with a set deadline, gathering a few friends to check in with, chat with and even workout with can be a great way to get back to it.

Try this exercise for long-term visualization around your health: Describe the health of the person you are 10 years from today. Even before you start visualizing, and writing it down, scan yourself: are you feeling tense already thinking about the future and how you may not be in alignment with where you want to be? Or are you excited, hopeful and ready to take action for your future self? Then write down a description of the person you are 10 years from now. What does their day look like/what do they spend time doing? Who are the people that are important to them? What are their main priorities–family, friends, fitness, work?

So if you’ve been thinking about your reset, or return back to fitness, then try starting off with one of these 3 strategies to get you started–whichever might suit your personality the best. Remember that all progress is progress, but in order to make it happen, you first have to begin.


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