It’s the end of the year, often times we sit in this limbo week before the turn of a fresh start on January 1st.  There’s probably leftover sweet treats at the house, a lull in your energy, and just maybe – a little bit of negative sentiments from all the indulgence that may have happened over the course of the combination of the holidays and Sunday football games.

So instead of wallowing away in another day of feeling less than our best, take a few tips from this list of 10 ways to reset before the new year:

1. Drink at least 80+ oz water.  Hydrate your body and help move those bowels moving back to their regular rhythm!

2. Start the day off with a nutritious breakfast.  Getting into a mentality that you shouldn’t eat just because of an event of indulgence can do more harm than good!  Fill your first meal of the day with plenty of nutritious, whole foods.

3. Move for at least 20 continuous minutes.  Your body and brain will thank you afterwards.  This can be taking a walk, playing sports, working out, or anything that gets you up off of your chair and moving around.

4. Consume at least 500g veggies.  You heard it – get those food weight scales out!  It sounds like a lot, but 500g of vegetables is just about 100-200g vegetables at every meal.

5. Consume at least 200g fresh fruit.  Eat it on the go, or throw it in a smoothie – fruits are a great way to get more fiber in for the day without going overboard on the sugar (and it’s natural sugar, too!).

6. Have a serving of lean protein at every meal.  Still aiming to build some strong, lean muscle?  Be sure to eat some lean protein from animals, plants, grains, and if needed, supplement with a protein powder or snack like an Rx bar or THINK Jerky.

7. Climb at least 10 flights of stairs.  Back to the theme of getting moving – moving up and down 10 flights of stairs makes for a great daily challenge, but also incorporates some resistance when getting that heart rate up! Changing up your routine, or the places you choose to get movement in can keep you from getting bored.

8. Revisit your fitness accomplishments in 2018. It’s pretty easy to just “restart at the beginning of the year” but sometimes looking back at everything we accomplished this past year can give us a sense of achievement and an increased energy to keep the momentum going through the tail end of the year.

9. Take a few days off of the scale. Often times when our routines change, the scale weight number is an inaccurate reflection of how are bodies our doing. Instead, let’s focus on eating quality food, hydrating and moving to get our bodies back to feeling STRONG and fit.

10. Make a “top 3” priority list for the day & get after it! Setting a focus and intention for the day allows you to get up and get going, especially when you narrow it down to your TOP 3. Not 10, not a 25 -never-ending-to-do-list, but THREE. Imagine how many things you can get done if you did THREE very important tasks very well each day!

So as we wrap up the last week of the year, let’s try some of these reset tips today. Get started. Take action. Live better today.

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