Twenty-one participants recently completed a 6-week challenge for dialing in their nutrition habits and weekly workout routine. While the majority of participants were brand new to meal prepping, some have been working with our nutrition coaches, and were looking for extra motivation! From their CrossFit class attendance to their Facebook posts about new, delicious recipes, we were impressed at their commitment to a well-rounded approach to their health.

3rd place winner, Sam Vantilburg, found her groove with tracking her macros and also putting in a few extra cardio sessions before her weekly CrossFit classes. Sam shared that she has been feeling energized and more comfortable with eating in order to meet her goals. Sam had made some body composition changes, which she found herself surprised by, and she even improved her benchmark workout by one full round!

2nd place winner, Sarah Murphy, was thrilled to hear about her outcome on the challenge “leaderboard”. Sarah enjoys meal prepping and finding new recipes to help fit her macronutrient budget. Though she juggles a busy schedule between teaching middle schoolers, parenting two young boys, and prioritizing her health, she continues to find enjoyment and intrinsic reward in the process. Sarah also increased her workout performance and continues to gain strength and confidence in herself!

1st place winner, Rachel Dimayuga, had just started CrossFit right around the time that she decided to join the nutrition challenge as well. It was not easy for her in the beginning to be able to find balance between grad school, work and working out and meal prepping. Fortunately, Rachel gained support from her family, who also joined in on the healthy eating habits and meal prepping with Rachel. With consistency in attending her CrossFit classes, checking in each week with her coaches, and sharing her mindful menu choices on the community Facebook group, Rachel excelled in her performance in the nutrition challenge. Now that she has been feeling more comfortable with the movements, Rachel also improved her WOD score by a full round. A big congratulations to Rachel!

The CrossFit Des Plaines coaches would also like to make honorable mentions to Casey and Erin Babarskis for undertaking the nutrition challenge together; they utilized teamwork to meal prep throughout the six weeks and are planning to continue on with tracking their macros and working together in the process. Another honorable mention goes out to Erica Mazzeffi for being a sharing all-star on our Facebook group! She shared great recipes, started discussions and fostered a sense of community for the group. Our last honorable mention goes out to Mike Rodbro, for being able to keep up with the demands of the challenge all while in the process of juggling a handful with his newborn!

Congratulations to all of our hard working participants in this first challenge! Many of you had taken a step outside of your comfort zone to try new things, and we are sure you surprised yourself with just how well you did. We are proud of you and we are continuing to root for you!

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