There’s an overwhelming amount of information and media we are exposed to every day that pushes us to question: “What do I eat?” From the fast food chains we drive past to the commercial advertisements from restaurants and meal delivery services, to the good ol’ fashioned weekly flyer from the local grocery store, we are constantly bombarded, and almost obsessive over the food choices we make!

The most simplistic and straight-forward answer to this question is: eat real food.

Sure, it’s easy to pick something up through the drive-way on the way to your kids’ soccer game, but to what extent is this doing a service to the health and also the culture of your family when it comes to the choices we make about food?

Okay, so it’s “just one meal” — but how much does just one meal turns into a weekly treat? Maybe it’s several times a week, and becomes a norm? Are we willing to pay the price of convenience for the cost of our long-term health, or are we ready to start stretching the budget, devoting some extra time, and learning about how we can eat more real food?

We’re talking about meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, lentils, and whole grains just to name a few. These are what our bodies are asking for; these are the foods we need to bring home and cook in our kitchens!

This doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Think about it this way…

Plan in 3’s. Choose three staples from each of the categories: protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Doing this can help you mix and match a variety of meals throughout the week to keep you satisfied, and can keep it simple, yet interesting!

Stay around the perimeter of the grocery store. Most of the items in the aisles of the grocery store are packaged and/or processed. Aim for fresh groceries, and avoid all the added mystery ingredients and preservatives that are placed in those packaged foods.

“DIY” snacks and treats. We all come across the need for snacks, or even a sweet treat at times. There are several “DIY” versions of things like granola bars, trail mixes, and other traditionally pre-packaged foods. Try adding “Whole 30” to your recipe search find a relatively better alternative to its grocery store, pre-packaged counterpart in the store.

It can certainly be a little overwhelming trying to find out the completely personal question: “What do I eat” but to keep it simple, just remember to eat more real food.

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