Many people come through the doors of CrossFit Des Plaines with a pain point, or with a problem. They might not know this yet, but when they “Google’d the closest gym” they may have had no clue what it was they were actually looking for. Maybe it was just a facility to get moving and workout. However, often times, it’s a lot more than that.

Some people are looking for a place to somewhat escape what is causing them pain in their life. It may be a medical condition–obesity, high blood pressure, risk for diabetes–or more commonly, physiological or emotional stressors that they want to decrease in their lives.

So here it is! The first step in getting unstuck in one scenario in their life. These individuals begin to state things such as “I’m ready to come in and workout three times a week” or “Everyone here is very welcoming, and I really enjoy being here”. People get unstuck from their previous routine of being inactive, or being isolated in their pain points. Their language elicits a shift towards a more positive place–physically and mentally.

On the other hand, some individuals, whether they are new or veterans, may come across language that holds them back from progressing in an effective way. They become stuck. “I’ve never been an athlete, and I don’t think I ever will be” or “I can never lose these stubborn 10 pounds” and not only is it the language that holds them back, but these types of statements directly align with the types of actions and habits they take on day to day.

Will a forever “non-athlete” see themselves practicing elements of fitness in their weekly routine–strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, etc.? Will a person who sees themselves as never losing the last 10 pounds diligently work towards their goal, or make adaptations when they start to get stuck?

What kind of words and language do you use when you are talking about yourself, your current situation, and where you want to go next? Are you able to get yourself unstuck starting with the use of your words? Which then translate into your ideas and actions? The next time you are feeling bogged down with a frustration, or another pain point in life, take a step back and observe the use of words you use. Try to re-frame and re-word the way you look at your situation, and find yourself making moves towards progress in no time.

Ready to dive deeper with the power of language in your goal setting? Check out our upcoming event: Goal Crushing Seminar with Mark England on Sunday, September 8th. You won’t want to miss this!

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