Often times, we want so much of what we don’t yet have: a newer car, a new PR in the gym, to pass a professional exam, or land a promotion at work. With such high expectations for ourselves, we also so often forget that it’s not a quick or easy route to the end goal. In fact, it’s more about the consistent, daily efforts that can actually get us closer to our goals than we thought.

Here are just five little habits that can change your day:

Visualize your day the night before going to bed or during the first five minutes of waking. Whether it’s as big as a wedding day or competition, or just another regular day, visualize exactly how you would like for it to play out. Then if you encounter any potential problems, visualize an alternative approach to the day. Take a detour; things don’t always go according to planned.

Start a gratitude journal or post it stack. At the start of every day, write a few words to express what you’re grateful for. It will put into perspective just how many positive aspects of your life you may overlook, especially when it becomes stressful or just seemingly impossible for things to go your way.

Implement static stretching and deep breathing throughout your day. We are all guilty of wanting to do too much. Take a few minutes to literally just stop, and breathe slow and/or stretch. It’s amazing how this can rejuvenate your mind and body. Try this before a max lift or a tough WOD and it will ease the angst about the task in front of you.

Write your top three priorities down for the day. Whether it’s on your phone, hand or on a post it, prioritizing three very important tasks can almost assure that you will complete them, instead of writing a long laundry list of to-do’s only to find yourself putting them off “for tomorrow”.

Eat without digital distractions (are you eating right now? We’ll let it pass). I can’t count the number of times I’m guilty of scarfing down a meal while scrolling through my News Feed, liking a post or reading an article on a blog. Savor your food (especially if you took the time and care to prepare it!) and your company. Try not to take for granted the people you are around all time. It might be children, a partner or a co-worker; take some time to enjoy your food, and enjoy your people!

Your small daily habits will take you a long way, even if they feel minuscule. Comment with what you do every single day to help you achieve more.

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