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Whether you choose one for you, or you make a few along the way, there is one very evident perk that the CrossFit community has over your typical globo gym: your accountability partners.  Some come into CrossFit with their spouse or friend, while others come alone with curiosity or through recommendation.  Then, after the first couple of classes, you begin to realize that you are surrounded by people who want you to be there: your coaches, the regulars at your class time and maybe even the stranger you don’t know too well yet, but admires your dedication to hard work and self-improvement.

Take advantage of these people in that–they will make you better.  Surround yourself with the people you get to know, the people you signed up with and the people you even want to “chase” on the leaderboard.  If you can’t be in the same class with them, add them on Facebook or Instagram–get in touch with them.  The training partners you have in your classes have more in common with you than you think.

The same goes with taking advantages of your coaches–they want only for you to improve.  Confide in your coaches about your goals, your previous injuries (if applicable), your limitations and what you’re looking to get out of your monthly CrossFit experience.  The coaches at CrossFit Des Plaines display a genuine care for their athletes and a vast knowledge of several areas in fitness: exercise, mobility, and nutrition. They too, have more in common with you than you think.  Ask questions and they will always be there to listen.

If you’re wondering how else your community can be a valuable resource to hold you accountable, here are more tips:

1. Performance:  Branch out of your comfort zone and partner up with someone who is lifting a similar weight as you.  They will challenge you and also encourage you to get that weight up!  Fitness:  Work next to someone that you’ve gotten to know. Working next to someone that works at your pace will push you past your limits and make the workout more exciting!

2. Let your coaches know if something is uncomfortable, unclear or especially, painful.  Their main priority is to keep you healthy and safe, so communicating to them your limitations or previous injuries will allow them to accommodate to your needs and make sure other coaches do the same for you too.

3. Competitive athletes:  Find training partners who will encourage and push you through all the programming.  With longer training sessions and the informal presence of a coach, it’s especially important that you find your support system within your training group to move you towards being the best you can be.  They can also help you with analyzing movement, yelling at you when you want to give up, and keep you focused (because comp crew never has fun in training ? ) when necessary.

4. Write and share your goals.  This can be with a coach, with a friend, on the goal board, on Facebook, but most importantly, with yourself and maybe with the people you love.  Often times having the support and accountability to attend a class or follow a meal plan is beneficial for individuals who are trying to achieve their time-bound and specific goals.  It also becomes a bit more fun for those who get their family members involved in working on a new lifestyle.  Teamwork makes the dream work!

5. Celebrate your successes loud and proud!  If you are excited about your PR, then tell your training partners and coaches about it!  If you just kicked up into a handstand or got your first double under, be PROUD; you deserve it.

The next time you don’t feel like going to the gym, think about what your training partner would think or say… Do it for you, but also–be there for one another.


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