So your scan is complete, and you’re left scratching your head, trying to read the descriptions on the right side of the sheet for each term, and you just want to know what story your results tell. This post will walk you through your InBody results page to help you see a bigger picture of your health, and what you might want to use to determine your goals for exercise and nutrition habits.

Body Composition Analysis – This is what your body is made of.

Muscle-Fat Analysis
– Breakdown of your body’s fat and muscle weight. The “100” on the scale is “normal” weight for others at your same height. Above this 100 would mean greater than recommended weight, under the 100 would mean less than the recommended weight

Three types of body types based off of “shape”
created by Muscle-Fat Analysis numbers:

Obesity Analysis

Segmental Lean Analysis – The breakdown of your lean body mass in the three main parts of your body: arms, legs and trunk. This can help understand distribution of muscle mass, but also takes into account body fluid/water; it can be informative of injury or even onset disease symptoms. The “100” mark determines the minimum recommendation of weight to support your body mass.

ECW/TBW Analysis
– Ratio between extracellular water and total body weight. A healthy range is between 0.360-0.390. Above 0.390 could indicate injury, swelling or excess body water. Excess body water may occur when individual follows a high-sodium diet, or can also be an indicator to investigate further with a medical professional.

Body Fat – Lean Body Mass Control
– Somewhat your “road map” for setting body composition goals. The recommendations are given by the World Health Organization based off of height, weight and body fat and lean body mass balance. These numbers are determined by attaining an ideal Percent Body Fat, but will never recommend decreasing lean body mass.

Segmental Fat Analysis
– Similar to segmental lean analysis, but this is the breakdown of your fat mass in the three main parts of your body. “100%” or lower = healthy for height and gender.

Basal Metabolic Rate
– Amount of calories that your body needs at complete rest (just breathing) in order to sustain your weight, lean body mass and fat mass. Caloric intake can be considered for individuals based off of this number. For further guidance, you can receive a consultation with one of your nutrition coaches.

Visceral Fat Level
– An estimated amount of fat surrounding the internal organs in the abdomen. Staying below “10” is ideal for preventing disease; 18-20 is an indicator to monitor fat levels, and incorporate cardiovascular training more frequently to help decrease the visceral fat level.

Body Composition History – This is a summary of any previous InBody scans you have done in the past. Entering your unique ID number will allow the InBody machine to track your data each time you complete a scan.

If you’re looking to learn more about how you can take action to achieve your health and fitness goals through nutrition, schedule a free consultation with a coach here. We are open to phone consultations as well as face-to-face! We’re hoping these results can help you determine your own health goals, so we can help you achieve them.

*If you are experiencing pain, or a medical emergency, please contact a medical professional.

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