It’s almost that time we start the next round of Just Move! 6-week challenge, and here at CrossFit Des Plaines we want to make sure beginners who go through our program are able to experience a well-rounded, transformative fitness experience with us.

Here’s what you can expect in your six weeks:

Coaches that care. You will have at least two coaches at each of your classes during your six week challenge. To start, your coach will meet you for an initial meeting to discuss your fitness goals, as well as to take your baseline measurements before the challenge start date: June 24th. Also, your coach will invite you to an orientation where you will meet all the other challengers who will be in your classes, and get to know your coaches!

A friendly community of athletes. Other challengers in your class are going to soon become your acquaintances, and even good friends. Something about experiencing 18 group fitness classes together creates a special connection between you and the others in your class. Don’t be a stranger! Introduce yourself, work with someone new, and you might just find you have more in common than you think.

Well-planned exercise programming. Let’s face it, many of the challengers sign up for this class because they may have gone to the gym for some time and have not had a clue as to where to begin. Cardio? Weights? Back and bi’s? One hour, or two? Stretch, or skip it? In your one hour classes, your coaches will take you through a well planned, quality exercise program that incorporates mobility and movement preparation, strength training with some weights or resistance to build lean muscle, and a conditioning piece, that elevates the heart rate and targets fat loss in an efficient amount of time. We take the “thinking” or the mystery out of your workout routine.

Progress. Whether this may be in the way you see yourself in the mirror, the sort of confidence you build the next time you come to your next class, or the results from your beginning and ending measurements, you can expect to see progress. This measures up for different people, so something to discuss with your coach is what are your markers of success? Meaning, how do you know what you are doing is demonstrating progress and the work you are putting into the gym, your nutrition and sleep habits are helping you become a healthier version of the person who first came to orientation day? Knowing how you measure your progress towards success is one way to stay committed and motivated through your six week challenge. Often times, it’s also the major reason our 6-week challengers continue on beyond the six weeks.

Are you ready to take on the Just Move challenge? Get started here!

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