Individuals who take on the MindBody Transformation challenge take on one of the biggest obstacles when making change: which is simply to commit to it. Committing to change embodies both a physical and mental effort in the person’s daily actions, and a mindful look at their self-talk and language.

We begin with a goal setting process, where each individual sets their own personal transformation goal for the 5 week time frame. Some goals are outcome-based, such as a weight loss goal, while some goals are process-based, such as developing new habits around healthy eating or physical activity. Each week, individuals are checking in with their coach via e-mail to review the previous week, and to share a few metrics about their progress towards their goal. Weekly challenges and discussions are posted in the private Facebook group, so that others in the group can feel supported, even when it is not their check in day.

At the end of the 5 weeks, the coach determines the winner of the challenge, through a means of challenge engagement, overall physical transformation, as well as the submission of their progress pictures throughout the challenge.

For the first 2019 MindBody Challenge, our winner is… Adriana Lopez!

Adriana came to CrossFit Des Plaines for the day of our Nutrition 101 Seminar to brave the winter storm, and learn some information about eating for a healthier lifestyle for her, her husband and her two boys. With the family growing, and Adriana being able to spend more time with the boys at home to both prepare nutritious meals for her own goals, but also for the family to enjoy.

Adriana’s engagement in the challenge was very consistent. She checked in with Coach Cheryl each week, such as finally getting some workouts in at the gym she joined, as well as feeling energized, motivated and satisfied from her daily efforts in making better food choices on a daily basis. Her progress photos showed a significant body composition change in just 5 weeks. She’s had a great start to the beginning of her new lifestyle change.

Throughout the challenge, Adriana’s goal was to lose some weight, and to feel more energized, and set a good example for her kids. In the 5 weeks, Adriana:

  • Dropped 7.6 pounds on the scale
  • Decreased body fat mass by 10.3 pounds
  • Decreased body fat percentage by 4.3%
  • Increased lean body mass by 2.4 pounds

Her progress over the 5 weeks has shown her determination to live out a re-purposed vision for her fitness goals to be the best self, wife, and mom she can.

“My initial goal started by losing weight and making healthier decisions about what I eat. I WILL continue to learn about nutrition and fitness. I WILL make it a priority to teach my kids to keep up our new lifestyle for as long as I can. I WILL make time to focus on myself more often. I WILL continue to push myself to find new attainable goals and help my husband meet his goals as well!”

A BIG congratulations Adriana on your MindBody Transformation!

Congratulations to all MindBody Challengers!
Special mention to a few of our other participants, on some amazing gains!
Tom Biju: Lost 6.2 scale weight pounds!
Parker Johnson: Decreased BF% by 1.6%!
Briet Tornes: Increased lean body mass by 3.5 pounds!
Donovan Lamb: Increased lean body mass by 1.3 pounds!
NEXT Nutrition 101 Seminar: Saturday, March 30th at 11 AM @ CFDP
NEXT MindBody Transformation Challenge: Launching Monday, April 8th