It can be intimidating for even an adult to walk into a CrossFit gym and think that this training methodology would be a good fit for their daily exercise routine. However, many seem to realize early on that CrossFit can be for anyone, and that also includes our kids! No, your kids won’t be throwing up heavy barbells right from Day 1, but CrossFit Kids is certainly an introduction to what can be a brand new outlook on fitness as FUN.

Here are a few benefits to getting your child(ren) started in CrossFit Kids as early as age 3/4:

1. Human beings love to move, especially as a young child! If you’re thinking of new ways you can get your kid moving more, coming to a class at least two times a week is a great start!

2. CrossFit training teaches us functional movement. When your kids start learning to squat, press and deadlift (with little or no weight), they are improving movement patterns that are applicable to real, day to day movement.

3. Kids are exposed to an environment in which other kids and–potentially, if an adult’s class is running–adults are following a structured class that focuses on fitness. The structure and regimen of how classes are run can also be re-applied when the kids are in the classroom setting, at home, or even in other sports teams.

4. Your child begins to build a sense of confidence! While some of the younger kids become a little overwhelmed or feel nervous to leave their parents’ side for the first class, in just as little as a week or two in, they are ready and excited to jump into class, meet at the whiteboard and state that today we are going to “HAVE FUN!” (CrossFit Kids’ most important rule!)

5. CrossFit kids begin to build their own little class community of friends. Whether they are siblings, neighbors, or just mere acquaintances at first, the weekly classes promote camaraderie, teamwork, and a sense of belonging. High fives, smiles and laughs are all a part of the natural process!

If you are interested in enrolling your child in CrossFit Kids, feel free to reach out to your local CrossFit gym to see if they host classes at their box. A coach at the facility must be CrossFit Kids certified to run classes!