This past Saturday at CrossFit Des Plaines, our community came together for the 2nd year in a row to fight the good fight against breast cancer. From those who participated in the in-house competition, to those who came to help judge the event, to the family and friends who came to support or donate to the cause–we are truly thankful to have been in this presence of positive energy during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This mission of Barbells for Boobs is to “provide quality health care for all and provide an improved quality of life post-diagnosis through fitness.” Funds raised through Barbells for Boobs events in CrossFit gyms nationwide go a long way…

Our in-house competition symbolized our strength in numbers to come together to overcome the challenges faced by those who battle with breast cancer. Athletes in the Rx and Intermediate division completed 4 events: “Grace” followed by a 1 rep max clean & jerk lift, a 9 minute burner workout, and a 1000m row time trial. The morning demonstrated that our community’s efforts are stronger than any single one of us as individuals, and together we have been able to achieve more.

Congratulations to our winners!

Rx Division:
1st place: Eugene Mendoza
2nd place: Susana Wagner
3rd place: Mike Kieca

Intermediate Division:
1st place: April Liban
2nd place: Parker Johnson
3rd place: Shannon Phillips

Special shout outs to our first time competitors:
*Parker Johnson
*Laura Snyder
*Peter Parzych

From your team at CrossFit Des Plaines, we thank you all for taking part in this very special annual event! We look forward to continuing the tradition next year!

If you would like to consider a donation to our team page, please visit our website here.