You may be thinking about whether you should supplement with one of our Driven Nutrition products at CrossFit Des Plaines. Two of our products, Driven Nutrition Whey Protein and Driven Nutrition AMINO can be beneficial in a few different ways. Driven Nutrition provides clean products that support the well-rounded nutrition for active individuals. This article will outline a few of the benefits of each!

Benefits of Driven Nutrition Whey Protein: Typically take one serving during or after a workout, in order to support recovery!

  • Supports lean muscle building through muscle tissue repair
  • Mixes well with water or other liquids for even texture (not grainy!)
  • Combination of protein & Branch Chain Amino Acids in one mixture for increased recovery window
  • Convenience of readily available protein when you can’t have a full meal post-workout
  • Cold whey processing allows for more protein per serving (1 scoop)
  • Comes in several flavors that can be easily mixed with water, or plain flavors like vanilla to mix with a carb source for longer training sessions

What Driven Nutrition Whey Protein is NOT:

  • A weight/fat loss supplement
  • Full of artificial flavors, dyes or sugars
  • A meal replacement shake or powder

Benefits of Driven Nutrition AMINO: Typically take one serving 30 minutes before a workout session in order to power through tough days, and speed up recovery for the next day’s work!

  • Allows for the body to maintain or increase intensity throughout a single session due to fatigue-fighting properties
  • Reduces soreness so you aren’t feeling so achy later in the day or the next day
  • BCAA’s in AMINO are readily available and do not have to undergo digestion before being used up (like food)
  • Includes metabolism-boosting properties
    Helps preserve muscle mass that you have already built by preventing body from going into catabolic state
  • Provides a refreshing taste when mixed with cold water (watermelon, grape, fruit punch or lemonade)

What AMINO is NOT:

  • A fat burner or weight loss supplement
  • A mass gainer supplement
  • A meal replacement
  • A “pre-workout” formula/it does not contain caffeine!

Unsure if these products might be for you? Talk more with one of your coaches about it, and we’d be happy to give you more insight!


This article is not intended for medical purposes or prescriptions for nutritional intake. This is written strictly an informational article.