Many of us have to break our typical routine by traveling, whether that’s for work or personal reasons. If you have experience with monitoring your nutrition, doing so while on the road isn’t too different; it’s just knowing where to find what your body needs to stay energized and fueled for the time you are away. Here are some ideas for how to be more mindful with your nutrition choices when traveling.
Pack the basics. If you have access to a kitchen, buy a couple of the basic necessities for quick, simple meals and snacks. Eggs, canned chicken or tuna, whole wheat bread, mixed nuts, nut butters, protein bars like Rx bars or Quest bars and some colorful produce (but not too much that it’ll go bad).
Keep your order simple. When going to a restaurant, usually the longer the description or list of ingredients, the harder is to know what you are eating. Even healthy dishes like salad or chicken and rice can be deceiving with drenched oils, dressings and an overload of sodium. Ask for sauces or dressings on the side.
Skip the added sugars. You can save calories and costs by skipping the added sugars in soda, juices, and desserts. This also prevents future cravings for sugar because it is addictive!
Research the map & menu. Many places that are near to where you may be staying have detailed nutrition information about their menu online. Try to get a meal that’s balanced with lean protein, vegetables and healthy carbs. High-fat content meals can lead to sluggishness rather than feeling revitalized.
Don’t skip your produce! Even if eating enough is difficult, try to find a cold pressed juice or colorful salad. Remember the tips above: skip the added sugars and keep it simple when it comes to getting the vitamins and minerals you need from produce. Packing a multivitamin to supplement your diet while away is also not a bad idea.
Don’t let traveling be a reason for you to not be able to meet your goals or get in the way of your gains!