Scott grew up having a vast athletic background, competing in cross-country, baseball, football, and wrestling growing up in high school. After High School, Scott dedicated himself to his education, attending college at the University of Illinois, studying to become an Electrical Engineer in one of the top ranked programs in the country. Missing the active lifestyle, always participating in sports growing up, he tried to fill that athletic void in his life by training for and running several half and full marathons. After realizing that while he was becoming better at running, he actually felt like he was becoming less athletic. That is when he started researching and experimenting with different strength and condition programs in a quest to become a more “fit”, healthy, more confident individual. This is when he discovered CrossFit…and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

As Scott became more immersed in CrossFit, regularly training at the local CrossFit gym, he found himself, not only becoming the most fit athlete he has ever been, but also becoming much more interested in the methodology and theory behind the training. He began spending his long commutes on the train to and from his Engineering desk job and all of his free time at home searching the internet and getting his hands on as many books and resources as possible. Researching and learning everything he could about CrossFit, fitness, nutrition, and strength and conditioning programs, he continued to gain all of this knowledge and was eager to share it with the world. He started off by ordering up some CrossFit equipment essentials, setting up a small gym in his house, and started training friends and a family for fun after work. Being able to share this passion for health and fitness with others and seeing the impact it had on them was so much more rewarding than any money could buy. This is when he realized that coaching was what he was truly meant to do and made the jump changing his life path, “retiring” from a career in engineering and committing a 100% to Health & Fitness as a CrossFit coach. Three years later, Scott has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals looking to improve their lives through health and fitness. He has worked with and learned from some of the top coaches in the industry, continually improving his knowledge and skills in writing workouts, coaching, and running a CrossFit gym. It has been an amazing journey for Scott who is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share his passion with the CrossFit community and to see how it has improved so many of their lives, both inside and out of the gym.

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

Carl is committed to improving the health of the Community. He is coming to The Box with experience at both the North-suburban YMCA where he worked with individuals of all fitness levels as well as EFT Sports Performance in Deerfield where gained experience working with youth athletes up to professional athletes. Carl gained his coaching experience working as a Crossfit coach for 2 years. Carl is committed to becoming a regional athlete and lives by the CrossFit Methodology. Carl’s coaching style is rigorous and motivating, with a sense of humor that makes you smile while you sweat. He has the unique ability as a coach to know where all his athletes are at both physically and mentally in their fitness development and adeptly applies his skills and experience to get them closer to their goals.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

After a lifelong commitment to being active and involved in sports such as cheerleading, volleyball, dance, running and dabbling into Insanity, Zumba, and yoga, Cheryl began her CrossFit journey in 2013. It began as an after-school activity of de-stressing after teaching 6th graders and coaching a middle school cheerleading team. After four months, Cheryl competed with a team in the “scaled” division of the Galt Games in 2014, and participated in her first CrossFit Open. Cheryl also began taking additional Olympic Weightlifting lessons to improve her technique in what was so profoundly complex to her in her early CrossFit career. She was intrigued by the aspect of sport and competition in CrossFit as a means to improve her athleticism, but also for the purposes of serving as a role model for the athletes she coached within her CrossFit community. She continues to train diligently for competition and coaches other athletes in CrossFit classes, all while developing friendships with those exact individuals. In December 2016, Cheryl completed her Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification and has already engaged with individuals in individualized meal planning and progress monitoring. She looks forward to growing her knowledge and aiming for expertise in the field of fitness and nutrition in order share her passion for making an impact on others’ lives. Next, Cheryl plans to attain her CrossFit Kids certification and attend seminars to further her education in nutrition.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Precision Nutrition Certified

Physically, mentally, and emotionally, CrossFit has made me a stronger individual. I began my CrossFit adventure in January 2013. Here I am coming up on five years of new challenges, some awesome personal records, many frustrating failures, a thousand exhausting workouts, the kindest people I have ever met, countless sore muscles, a few bumps and bruises, days of carelessness and laziness to days of extreme focus and drive, trusting my body and showing up to put in the work. CrossFit reflects in multiple aspects of my life, not only at the box. Strength, safe form, efficiency and rehabilitation is a large part of my therapy profession. Clothes fit a little snugger in the shoulder, thigh, butt and bicep areas. Trying times in life are a little easier to cope with because I have my daily lift as a positive outlet for stress and negative emotions. Controlling my mind and not letting it get in the way of my physical capabilities. My body image is the best it has ever been, not because it’s perfect or I am at my ideal weight, but because I’ve seen the badass things my body is capable of learning and mastering. Carrying groceries is nothing, jogging up stairs is easier, lifting heavy items from the floor to overhead is cake. Sometimes people who don’t lift on the regular don’t understand and think our dedication to lifting is “too much” or “unsafe” or “do you want your muscles that big?”. But that’s okay because I know I have a whole box full of other crazy, dedicated, addicted to discomfort athletes that do understand. The ones that say, “Let’s go climb the rope a few times” after a full hour of moving weight around as sweat continues to drip off body parts. “Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements” (Coach Glassman), community, challenging, frustrating, overwhelming, empowering, confidence building. CrossFit is many things, boring is never one of them.

Associates in occupational therapy, COTA/L
Bachelors in health sciences, B.S.
Masters in occupational therapy student, MOTS
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CF-L1