It might be the third or fourth time you’re just not quite getting that skill you’re working on for the past few weeks, and you’re starting to get a little discouraged. Why does it seem like I should have this [skill, lift, time] by now?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone; a lot of CrossFit is beyond just basic movement, the more we progress with our fitness. We get a little bit stronger, a little bit more technical, and maybe a lot more motivated… until we just don’t get it. It’s meant to be that way! There’s always something to progress towards in the sport of CrossFit. Even the most elite athletes are always learning new movements and skills, or beating personal bests on their lifts or workouts, just as beginners are too.

Here are a few ways you can practice like some of the pros when it comes to making progress:

Have your coach give you direct feedback. Although it can be a little intimidating to call upon the attention of your coach in a whole group class, it can be the best method to gauge your progress on the skill or movement pattern you are working on. Typically your coach will give you 1, or at most, 2 cues to keep in mind when addressing your movement pattern. Focus on just these 1-2 cues at a time. Next session or class will be another opportunity to apply what you’ve learned, and maybe even work to the next progression, or successfully execute the movement/skill!

Do a little bit of homework! Before class, use YouTube or the CrossFit Journal to research some modifications and/or progressions towards a skill you might be working towards. When some of our athletes are struggling with double-unders, or rowing technique, pointing them towards some of these resources can help them visualize another person executing the skill, and progressions towards them. It also alleviates the pressure from trying to just “DO” all the time when at the gym, or in class, and it allows you to visualize what you are looking to achieve.

Take the extra time to work on it with your coach. At CrossFit Des Plaines, we do offer 1 hour sessions for 1-on-1 training or even 30 minute skill sessions for yourself or you and a friend. This individualized training and progressive program can help you achieve your desired goals in a shorter time frame.

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