It’s that time of year when holidays can start to become a time of stress or angst for us when it comes to food, but let’s remember that the holidays should be a time for relaxation, spending quality time with others, and making memories.

If you have seen somewhere on the internet about infographics about how many burpees you have to do to “burn off” your turkey day meal, we encourage you to exit out of that application, put your phone down, and take a breather; there’s no reason for you to feel shame or guilt for the food you’re eating. Sure, we may indulge a little bit more on the holidays, but the reality is, most of those foods on the table exist on all other days of the year!

Between traveling, get togethers, holiday spreads, and tasty treats, it can be somewhat overwhelming approaching the holidays if you have spent the entire year focusing on mindful eating and a lifestyle that revolves around healthy habits. Routines are skewed, meal options are always changing, and even other habits such as sleep and proper hydration may be thrown off. However, there are ways we can navigate around these obstacles to make our holidays more about enjoyment, and less about the stress.

Here are some tips to try and seriously: forget the “turkey burn”
Eat by making your own decisions, and feel good about it!


  • Holidays aren’t simply an “all or nothing” hall pass when it comes to our intake – balance is the best approach, as always. Aim for the lean protein, veggies, fruit, healthy fat, and healthy carbohydrates first. If you want a treat, have one!
    *Be mindful about your plate; ask yourself Will I feel good about this after I’m done with it? – both physically and mentally.
  • You don’t have to earn your food nor do you have to explain your food choices to others! You also don’t have to “make up for” your holiday feast by depriving yourself the day before or after.
  • Drink plenty of water! Aim for one glass every hour you are awake, or more.
  • Get up and get moving! Go for a walk, play a game outdoors, chase the children around the house – 10k steps is plenty!
  • Sleep in and enjoy the days off!
  • Continue on with regular food routines after the holidays; don’t dwell or linger on what you ate for one day.