Everyone has their reason for why they choose to be a part of a CrossFit gym. Some might join for the convenience of a one hour fitness class nearby, while others hear might hear from a friend. CrossFit Des Plaines has been fortunate enough to foster a tight-knit community in less than one year of opening, and this weekend proved it so.

This past Saturday, CFDP gathered together to “Throwdown” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Athletes from all ages and abilities took the challenge and completed Grace, a MAX out snatch or plank, and an 8 minute workout! Through the mental trials and physical toughness of the event, individuals fought to finish strong. At the end of the day, many made new personal records, donated to the Barbells for Boobs Foundation, and celebrated with a cup of joe from Tala Coffee Roasters.

Sometimes we can’t do it all on our own. We have something special: that’s the power of our community. Friends stepping in to cheer on others fill the room with smiles and sometimes, silliness on regular days and on “game day”. Whether it’s working out, or working towards a cause, we are proud of the strength we’ve built as a whole, and for that, we have all our members to thank!

Thank YOU: members, supportive family and friends, judges, and donors! A big congratulations to all of our podium finishers:

Men’s Scaled:
1st: Phil P.
2nd: Jack A.

Women’s Scaled
1st: Terri M.
2nd: Ewelina R.
3rd: Sarah M.

Men’s Intermediate
1st: Mike R.
2nd: Lance M.
3rd: Erick G.

Women’s Intermediate
1st: Linda S.
2nd: Lauren G.
3rd: Mary G.

Men’s Rx
1st: Dan L.
2nd: Mike K.
3rd: Sal U.

Women’s Rx
1st: Michelle P.
2nd: Lindsey B.
3rd: Judy P.