So now that you’ve gotten a start of a new workout routine, you can expect to feel a little less winded in your workouts, seeing some changes to your body, and finally feel like you’re finding a groove with creating a healthier lifestyle. This may just be the time you also feel a little bit burnt out, and it might feel easy to skip a class here and there, or sleep in an extra hour instead of getting your breakfast ready for the day. However, stick it through those first 100 days, and soon enough, your new routine becomes your new lifestyle.

Day 50-75: You can expect to feel much more mobile through your first 75 days of mobility exercises before class, and thus, functional movements may feel a little better–squatting, hinging, pushing and pulling–all feel stronger! During your workouts, you may start to notice that you’re taking less rest periods during conditioning as well. You can expect some life obstacles to create challenges to prioritizing your fitness classes, and may have a period of time that you feel like you’re slipping out of control, but it’s especially essential to stick it through these days so that you can transition your 3 times a week of fitness classes into a holistic lifestyle.

Day 75-100: Now that you have nearly mastered several of the basic, functional movement patterns, with the exception of maybe a few limitations with mobility or strength, you are definitely stronger and fitter than you were 3 months ago. You may have already begun to incorporate healthier foods and recipes, scheduling times to go pick up groceries, and prepare some meals for the week ahead. If it hasn’t been a part of the regimen just yet, this is something you’ll begin to consider as your next chapter in improving your overall fitness and recovery. You’re gaining a greater understanding now of how to become the best version of yourself both physically and mentally!

So what do you think… did the 100 days meet your expectations? Was it all that you were looking for in making a change for the better? We’d be happy to hear about your experience or leave a comment below!


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