For many of us, committing to a start of a new routine habit–such as starting a new fitness program–is one of the hardest parts. We contemplate for days, or even months about the time and financial commitment, and also many of the changes we would start implementing. These might include waking up earlier to get a workout in, scheduling in times to get some healthy groceries for the week, and even stepping out of our comfort zones to learn new exercises or habits.

However, once we’ve finally decided it’ll be worth it, we begin to feel a sort of excitement and hope for the changes to come. In this blog, you’ll read about what you can expect when you start your first 100 days of fitness.

Day 1: You will be a little nervous, probably feel a little self-conscious about how you appear in front of others in your class or your coach. However, even before your first day a coach will set up a time to meet with you to discuss your initial goals for the program, previous experiences with fitness, obstacles that you have experienced in the past, and brainstorm ways we can best support you through your 100 day start. They will also take some initial measurements to determine your beginning body composition baseline to see where we’re starting.

Day 2-7: Your nervousness begins to evolve into an eagerness to continue showing up day after day, despite the soreness of new muscles you never thought you had. Your coach will probably give you some guidance about the importance of nutrition when it comes to fueling properly for your daily activity and also recovery! One of these days you may question if you are going to make it–but you realize that everyone is in the same boat, pushing themselves through their own level of intensity through each session.

Days 8-21: You’re getting into the groove of showing up to your group fitness classes, and are most likely going for all 3 days. You’ve found that leaving the gym, no matter how sweaty or tired you were during the one hour session, has given you an inevitable post-workout “high”. Your coaches are seeing progress in your movement patterns, and you’re feeling good! Soreness has subsided and you may notice that your overall energy and mood levels are up.

Days 22-50: You might be looking at the scale and wondering why the number isn’t the number you expected it to be, but there may be a number of reasons why: a decrease in fat mass, but increase in muscle mass, inconsistent nutritional intake/habits, stress levels (outside of exercise stress) and amount of sleep may be impacting your scale weight, and more. However, this would be a good time to look at other markers of success: new healthy habits, better food choices, structuring your day around your scheduled fitness classes, clothes fitting differently, and likely more to the list. After the first few weeks of starting your program, motivation may begin to taper, and this is where re-evaluating and re-focusing on your initial why for starting is especially important. Commitment and discipline play a bigger role than hope and motivation (though they are still important!), and taking the guidance from your coaches and “trusting the process” will continue to propel you forward.

To be continued…

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