We have brought a new product to supplement your nutrition, and more specifically, for continuous lean muscle growth. CrossFit Des Plaines is excited to announce our partnership with Ascent Protein; we now carry Casein Protein in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. Here’s what YOU need to know about Ascent’s Casein Protein:


  • It’s made of all natural ingredients. In both the vanilla and chocolate flavors, Ascent Casein Protein has no artificial ingredients, unlike some protein powders that have an endless list of ingredients! This allows us to digest the protein powder with more ease than other protein brands that you might find at your local supplement store or online.


  • It is a casein protein–which is slow digesting, in comparison to whey protein. Did you know that your body is constantly building up and breaking down your muscle fibers? That’s why it’s so hard to gain lean muscle mass; because it takes work! That means you need to be providing your body with ample protein sources throughout the day. Casein protein is a great supplement to your daily protein intake, especially for when you have a long day, and minimal time to eat. This can also be beneficial for your muscle synthesis during your sleep! Learn more about how you can support the continuous growth of your lean muscle by watching Ascent’s video on Overnight Recovery with Casein Protein here.


  • It’s flavored with Monk Fruit extract, which is a much better and natural alternative to sugar (unlike artificial sweeteners). Monk fruit extract comes from a small melon fruit, and when in its extracted form, provides a natural, sweet flavor without causing a spike to blood sugar levels like pure sugar, or other carbohydrates.


  • It makes a great pudding for a quick snack before bed or on-the-go! With just the right amount of almond milk (or milk product of your choice), you can make an very easy and tasty snack to-go or before bedtime!


Thinking about whether or not you’re taking in enough protein each day to support health muscle growth and your daily workouts? Schedule a free consultation with our in-house Precision Nutrition Certified Coach here.