It’s not just the numbers on our back squat, 500 meter row or scale weight. There are other strengths we find in other numbers, and one of them is right here in our box: our members.

Whether it’s in the committed, early birds at 5:30 AM with Coach Carl, consistent, tight-knit 4:30 AM class with Coach Scott, or the always overflowing 6:30 PM Monday night class with Coach Cheryl, the community and character that CrossFit Des Plaines fosters is one of a kind.

Members at this gym, while are here for themselves to start, typically become some people’s lifting or Saturday workout partners, biggest cheerleaders and sideline coaches, and lifelong friends. Some of our members are partners or spouses who were once “dragged” to a class, and eventually ended up falling in love… (again!) It’s just the culture of CFDP; like-minded individuals are committing to self-improvement, on a consistent and diligent basis.

If you’ve ever thought at one point, you may have been an outsider, coming into your first class, it won’t be long until your coach, or one of your classmates will approach you with a smile, and a certainty that you will not go through this alone. You will build strength–physically, but also in your support system–because let’s face it: it’s not easy! It’s not easy to lose 50 pounds, decrease our risk for heart disease, or to simply show up to class when life is just too busy.

Soon enough, your support system, gaining its strength, you will soon realize that you too, have made some personal gains–in fitness, mindset, and friendships. You may soon realize that you are uplifted on the days you go to CrossFit class, or you can’t help but keep coming back…

Even on your toughest days, remember that CFDP has a special strength in numbers, and we will be here for you, to keep you moving forward.

Interested in showing your friends what all the rave is about? Bring them in for Bring a Friend Week–May 14th-May 19th!