As we wrap up the 5-week long, worldwide CrossFit Open, we have seen such amazing growth within individuals as well as our community as a whole.

For many of our members, this was their first CrossFit Open, and for others, it was a time to retest the fitness that they had once proved the year before. Not only were physical aspects featured–from deadlifts, to pull ups, thrusters and more–but mental toughness and team spirit were also put to the test.

Individual athletes overcame some incredible feats each Friday night. Sarah, mother of two and teacher by day, grinded through over 30 standard push ups–something she hasn’t attempted since a previous injury back in high school! “I completed the CrossFit Open and now… “

Sal, participating in his 2nd CrossFit Open, was able to overcome 100 double-unders in a workout for the first time, as well as take on handstand push ups with an elevated level of strength from the past year.

CrossFit Des Plaines also hosted its first CrossFit Open Intramural League. Four teams, Team H.A.M, Team Flex Appeal, Team Mo and Team Wolf Pack, all came together to put forth their best efforts in the weekly workouts, dressed in team swag, cheering on others, and volunteering to judge athletes throughout the course of the five weeks.

Here are what some other athletes had to say about completing this year’s Open:

“I completed the CrossFit Open and now I have a greater appreciation for the sport AND the community.” – Erin M.

“I completed the CrossFit Open and now….I’m going to miss being inspired every Friday night from watching everyone push themselves to new limits. . . and I’m glad I don’t have to do the laundry every week so I can wear the same team/open shirt.” – Bryan D.

“I completed the CrossFit Open and now I’m hungrier than ever to turn my weaknesses into strengths for 2019.” – Joy O.

“I completed the CrossFit Open and now I’m ready to .assess what I could improve in the coming months and create a long term development plan with a coach.” -April L.

“I completed the CrossFit Open and now looking forward to another year of more WODs, skills, sweat, pain, failures, PR’s, gainz, friendships and breaking physical and mental barriers for the 2019 Open. Feed the Wolf!” -Ervin G.

“I completed the CrossFit Open (my second) and now I’m more motivated than ever to keep working on my current skills, learn new ones and get after my weaknesses so I can experience the kind of improvement I saw this year when next year’s Open comes around.” -Dana G.

“I completed the CrossFit Open and now I want more! I say Crossfit sucks or I suck at it but I have a hard time accepting that and I want to do more to improve. Stupid Crossfit, it’s all I think about… well and Lindsey!!” -Mike K.

CFDP hopes to continue Friday Night Lights Style throwdowns in the future to keep the fitspiration going strong! What are your thoughts?