When someone asks you, “What exactly is CrossFit?” isn’t it hard to explain? CrossFit HQ’s definition is “constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.” What that means is we are using a variety of methods to address movements that help us physically function at our best. Though most people have the idea of “high intensity” as the focal point for achieving fitness, actually one of the greatest benefits of CrossFit, is not the heavy breathing or great sweat sessions (ok, arguable!), but first, being able to build functional movement through a variety of patterns, loads, time domains or intervals–thus the title of “Fittest on Earth” for the most elite CrossFit Games athletes.

However, most people do not inquire or begin CrossFit with the vision of winning, or even knowing about the CrossFit Games. Most people look to change body composition, or to seek out coaching for their fitness routine. Soon after, they begin to realize that every day is slightly different, and overcoming soreness is normal, setting new goals and sharing the aftermath with their classmates becomes a common habit, they see some progress, and so they keep coming back.

While the daily workouts are always different, a quality, CrossFit program has been intentionally planned out, and not just random. This means that the program addresses movements such as pushing, pulling, balancing, mobility, endurance, power and more throughout the weeks, and allows for athletes to make steady and notable progress over time. This is demonstrated with certain benchmarks, such as lifts or skills, mobility and range of motion or even conditioning benchmark workouts.

Overall, CrossFit, though not “for” everyone, it certainly can be adapted for anyone. Its multiple modalities of fitness allow accessibility to all levels, ages, abilities and goals. The combination of the planned programming itself, an uplifting environment of members, as well as good communication with your coaches regarding your goals, questions or concerns is what makes a CrossFit box the community you would not be able to find within the walls of your local Globo gym.

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