How do the conversations in your head usually go? From the time you wake up, to the time you hit the hay, and throughout all the actions and interactions between then? Or maybe you haven’t paid much attention to those conversations in your head–their purpose, tone, or outcome. Maybe the Mindset Movement will get you moved to do so and share some of your experiences within our CFDP community.

Join us as we host Kollision Performance Consulting (co-founded by one of our own members: Joy Ocampo) in kicking off the month of February with our MINDSET MOVEMENT Month!

During the month of February, CFDP wants to focus in on increasing the awareness of a healthy mindset on life–whether it be at the gym, at home, or in work. This is why we have brought KPC to the spotlight. Joy, along with her team at KPC, are all certified in Mental Performance. Read more about KPC below*.

As we lead up to the CrossFit Open, each week of the Mindset Movement will have three weekly themes:
A) Mindset as a Team/Community and Communication
B) Mindset in Fitness and Nutrition
C) Mindset in Work/Life Balance

How will YOU be a part of the movement?

  • Attend this AWESOME free workshop! right after the 9 AM class
  • Share posts on ATHLETE PAGE or SOCIAL MEDIA with regards to each week’s weekly theme, question, or call to action
  • Hashtag #CFDP #KPC #MindsetMovement
  • Participate in pre- or post-CrossFit class: question of the day
  • Take advantage of resources referred to us by KPC or other members who would like to share – books, videos, articles, blogs
  • Share a way you practiced improving a positive mindset with a friend or with a coach at CFDP
  • Apply the new tips from the workshop as you walk into your next CrossFit class, competition or partner workout
  • IT’S TOTALLY UP TO YOU how you want to take part!

Here’s more information on KPC:
“As an individual athlete, you are responsible for you and you only. Our job at Kollision Performance Consulting is to help you perform at your best. By providing you with the proper mental skills to use in your given sport, you will be able to connect your mind and body to reach your peak performance. At KPC, we will guide you through setting specific goals, help you maintain internal motivation and positive attitude, and manage anxiety effectively. Oftentimes these are important aspects individual athletes lose sight of the moment they begin to compare their abilities to others. Through individual consultation, you will learn to acknowledge the external environment around you and not let it affect your individual performance.”

We look forward to seeing you there to kickoff the Mindset Movement Campaign!