Last week, we shared why you should sign up for the CrossFit Open. Now that you’re all signed up, we have some exciting news for those participating: CrossFit Des Plaines will be hosting a Intramural CrossFit Open League! This Intramural League will allow us to experience the Open with a greater sense of teamwork, friendly competition, some badass intensity and of course: community positivity.

Side note: if you still haven’t signed up, you can still be a part of the league; however, you WILL have to sign up to be recruited to a team.

Here’s how it’s going down:

Before the Open

  1. Prior to, coaches will determine 4-5 team captains – let us know if you’d like to be one!
  2. Captains become notified and create team name – optional: Create FB groups for teams
  3. Captains RECRUIT members onto their teams before the first Open workout is released

During the Open
Teams and their individuals aim to score as many points as possible through their participation in the CrossFit Open — here is the scoring system:

A) Performing Open Workouts (any level)

  • +1 pt for doing workout
  • +2 pts for doing workout at Friday Night Lights (FNL)
  • +3 pts for performing at FNL & staying/arriving early to cheer on other participants
  • *Bonus +1 pt for each person judged at FNL
  • *Bonus +1 pt for wearing CFDP Open Shirt
  • *Bonus +1 pt for taking a PICTURE at FNL and tagging @CrossFit Des Plaines on FB or IG @cfdesplaines

B) Top scores each week at the gym:

  • +3 Pts for top 3 male/female Rx
  • +2 Pts for top 3 male/female in scaled

C) Workshops – 5 Points/member for attending/completing each:

  • Mindset Movement
  • In-House Throwdown
  • Open Prep Clinic
  • PT session
  • Acc. Program (gymnastics/endurance)

D) Spirit of Open WOD

  • 5 Points/team each week (nominated by coaches)

E) Penalties

  • 3 pt deduction for not entering score on CrossFit Games site before deadline

After the Open

  1. Coaches add up teams’ scores and determine Intramural League Winners
  2. League winners will be allowed bragging rights and… TBA!

Alright fam, be sure to SIGN UP for the CrossFit Open, read over the point system, work out with your best effort, take some pictures, and just have fun! We can’t wait to see you all in action; we’re roughly 4 weeks away!