Last week we posted about “A Fresh Start” and one of the main points was to be consistent. One action to help support this would be to start tracking your workouts on Wodify–our gym’s software to track athletes’ progress over time. Wondering how to get started?

First, make sure that you are signed into class! When you get to the box before class, check the TV monitors near the entrance and click your name in red in order to sign into class.

After class, we encourage you to record your results on the Coachboard screen. This can also be done on the Wodify application available for iPhone or Android. Recording your scores right after class can help you record accurate data.

Recording your Strength Training:
Sets: Total number of sets you completed this movement for
Reps: How many total repetitions you did during that set
Weight: The total weight loaded for the movement (if any)
Notes Box: Any additional notes. This is especially useful for when you want to remind yourself about a particular weight, movement or modification the next time a movement comes up again in the future.

Recording your Workout of the Day:
Rx: The “prescribed” weight on the Wodify and gym whiteboard. Movements or weights that are scaled down or modified would neglect the use of the “Rx” button when recording results.
Rounds: Total amount of rounds completed of the workout
Reps: Any additional repetitions completed after your last full round
Time: The time on the clock when you finished the assigned workout
Notes Box: Used similarly to the notes box for strength training

Benefits of Recording Your Performance
These results help your coaches assess strengths and areas of improvement for athletes, and plan for appropriate programming for strength and conditioning cycles. Furthermore, it helps YOU make decisions about determining the appropriate loads, pacing strategies and also necessary modifications for future workouts. The best part is looking back to see where you started at one point. In Wodify, you’re able to view your results from previous classes under the tab “My Performance”. Your performances are grouped into “Weightlifting” and “MetCon” where you can select a type and view your performance history.

If you’d like help navigating through Wodify, reach out to your coaches before or after a class! We will be happy to assist you through the ins and outs of Wodify on your phone app or on the computer version website.