At CrossFit Des Plaines you can count on finding coaches that are here for you and your goals. It may sound minuscule, but there are some differences between a “Coach” versus a “Trainer”. After reading these three reasons, you can decide: which one would you want to work with?

1. Your coach knows your purpose. A coach knows what your motives are for attending classes and are here to encourage you, despite your individual life’s obstacles, to continue coming back to help you stay on track with your “why”. So the next time you disappear for a week or so, you can expect a check in from one of your coaches. We want to see you healthy and in class!

2. Your coach will ask you questions. The reason why your coach will not simply “prescribe” you a nutrition plan or a workout regimen and simply give you generalized directions is because your coach understands that you’re not a “cookie cut” copy of the last client. Asking questions and creating a better understanding of you as a holistic individual will help them advise you appropriately towards your goals, abilities and adjust accordingly when there are limitations or challenges.

3. Your coach will be open, honest, while also professional with you. A good coach will analyze things like your beginning circumstances, your movement and your desired results in order to begin tracking your progress towards your goals. While a Trainer may just work with you for one hour, and not touch base with you again until the next session, a coach will invest time into their clients and hold them accountable for the goals that they set. The best coaches rely on continuous, open discussions with their clients to build trust, and ideally, see optimal results.

So which are you looking to have when you are starting, re-starting or continuing your fitness journey: a trainer or a coach?

For questions about how to get started on your journey with one of our coaches, email us at [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook!