“If it’s important to you, you’ll make the time for it. If it’s not, you’ll make an excuse.”

Being a fourth year, full-time teacher has tested and stretched me in many ways this year now that I have decided to take my CrossFit training and coaching involvement to a new level. Strangely, I have days where I can’t wait for work to be over so I can blow off some steam by lifting heavy things and throwing down with my friends in a WOD. On the other hand, there are days that I can certainly spend an additional two hours in my building simply to continue refining my practice.

If it weren’t for the programmed workouts and long days, I could very possibly suffer from sleeplessness. I feel like I’m never doing enough: for my job, my training or for my coaching. I want to work hard and be the absolute best without settling for average. I’m constantly in a battle with myself because most days I feel like I’m just “okay”. The reason being is: teaching, training, and coaching: these are all important to me. These are all priorities of mine.

Even with my priorities in line, I’m sort of like a scatter-brained hamster that eats, sleeps, hydrates, and runs on its “wheel”, known as my daily routines and schedules. These routines are driven by what’s important to me. Though twenty-five, and what some might call a “millennial”, I’m a little different from my peers because I skip happy hours after work due to my training schedule; I’m okay with that because I know what matters to me and why I do it.

So think about the next time you question whether you should go to CrossFit class today, whether you should prep your meals on the weekends, whether your accessory work is worth your time, whether you should stay up to keep scrolling on that news feed or hit the sack–tune in and ask yourself what your priorities are.