Last week we posted about doing it for YOU. However, what is it that YOU truly want to achieve? Do you want “it” or do you REALLY want it and you’re willing to work to make it happen? I really want to lose 15 pounds, I want to see my abs, I want to deadlift twice my bodyweight, I want to prevent my family history of heart disease, I want to get my first strict pull-up.

We have all been there before, waiting for someone to snap their fingers or offer us a magic pill that makes it happen. Here’s a secret: there is no MAGIC pill; there is no easy fix.

The “Magic Pill” is hard work, dedication, and commitment to making the change.

It is easy for us to say or think we want something. However, what is being done to make that change happen? What are the steps you need to put in place to help you reach your goals?

  1. If you really want it, you need to take the steps necessary and be the one that makes it happen:
  2. Create a plan with realistic parameters
  3. Set reasonable goals within a time frame
  4. Talk with a coach and explain your goals
  5. Layout a plan–short and long-term–and have someone to keep you accountable
  6. Follow through

Be on the lookout for a future blog post on how to set “SMART” goals for yourself. In the meantime, also, avoid social media or any other company when goal setting and reflecting. The last thing you want to do is confuse your personal goals with what you might see others doing/achieving.

Let’s reiterate here: the “Magic Pill” is hard work, dedication, and commitment to making the change. Set a goal. Make a plan. Work towards success.