Imagine this: You are in the gym and see someone really struggling through a workout, starting to doubt themselves on a lift, or looking like they just want to give up. What do you say to them? Why are you moving so slow? I don’t know if you are going to lift that, Just quit, it’s too hard!

Yeah, ridiculous right?! We would never say these things. So why are these the thoughts that run through our OWN head when we are the ones struggling? Stop verbally abusing yourself. The brain is the strongest muscle in the body. Adopt a positive mindset.

Think about how you would respond to that athlete struggling and apply those to yourself: One more rep! You got this! Finish strong!

Often times, even when we think we are being positive, we tend to use words with negative connotations: Don’t stop, Just too slow on that lift, Soft shoulders, I am not going to miss this lift. Instead, try thinking, Keep that pace, Faster under the bar, Strong lockout, I got this.

The mind controls the body. Adopt a positive mindset and watch your performance skyrocket.