Why Do You Start Crossfit?

Why did you originally start CrossFit? What are your goals now? What do you want to achieve? Was it to lose a few pounds and weigh less than you do now, or is it to weigh less than your best friend? Is it to lift a few more pounds and get stronger in your lifts, or to squat more than Joe? Is it to be more fit and be healthier, or is it to get a better time than Sally in the workout? The answer is easy, right? This is about YOU. We all got started to create some sort of change in ourselves.

The beauty of CrossFit is that it can be modified or scaled so that it is tailored to each individual’s needs, abilities, and goals while getting to workout in a group setting alongside our friends.

Do what is right for you!

All too often, I see people getting caught up in the competition. Instead of letting others motivate them to work harder, they start to cut their range of movement short and let their form and technique breakdown simply to get a few more reps than someone else. They put more weight than they can handle on the bar, simply to be able to click a button that says Rx, rather than using the weights that are going to get them the results they are looking for.

Athletes at our gym have the privilege of having multiple programs to choose from which are tailored to their individual goals and current abilities. Whether your goals are “Fitness” related, or you want to increase “Performance”, we have a program for you. In addition, we have coaches there to help you modify the workout, scale the movements and choose your weights in order to individualize the workout specific to your goals.