When can my child start CrossFit?

Many parents might wonder “When can my child start CrossFit?” CrossFit training is designed to be able to incorporate functional fitness and improve health for kids as young as Pre-K. Throughout the developmental stages of a child’s life, classes for different age...

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The CrossFit Games: Where to Watch

This weekend kicks off the beginning of the final portion of the CrossFit season: The 2019 CrossFit Games, hosted in Madison, Wisconsin. For over a decade, The CrossFit Games showcases an elite level of athletes from all over the world who have earned their way to...

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What’s with the Dynamic Drills?

If you’re in for a longer workout like a run, bike, or interval training workout, incorporating a dynamic stretching routine can have many benefits. It’s time to say goodbye to the days of “skipping the warm up” and if you are into your fitness for the long haul, you...

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