Five Anytime Prehab Exercises To Do On Your Own

Have a couple minutes before CrossFit class? Maybe you’re thinking about how you can prepare yourself for movement after a long weekend of traveling, or a full day’s work sitting at the office. Here are five anytime prehab exercises that you can do on your own!...

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It’s OPEN SEASON #CrossFit

“CrossFit is SO MUCH FUN!...” says hardly anyone ever… until the CrossFit Open begins! It’s that time of year where we as a community come together as a whole community, and even in teams within our community (read on) to have a few good ol’ fashion throwdowns and a...

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When can my child start CrossFit?

Many parents might wonder “When can my child start CrossFit?” CrossFit training is designed to be able to incorporate functional fitness and improve health for kids as young as Pre-K. Throughout the developmental stages of a child’s life, classes for different age...

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